Rebranding – USPS Brand Revamp

Rebranding – USPS Brand Revamp


Can you guys believe it’s February already! Time seems to fly this time of the year, so we’ve decided to step back in time with today’s Friday Inspiration. Talented designer & illustrator Matt Chase came up with this wonderfully extensive rebranding for USPS. It’s quite sad that this project won’t ever see daylight in the real world that is USPS, especially because so much blood sweat and tears probably went into this. I think what Matt came up with here really is a wonderful solution, not because of the slick design but also because of the solid concept. I read a lot of people ranting about how the post office will soon die because of the internet and email and that this rebranding was unnecessary. People can be so vision-less sometimes! Matt saw an opportunity in just that aspect.

If I think about how much time I spend in front of my computer everyday of my life and how disconnected people have become because of things like email and social networks, it makes me just want to turn off my internet for a very long time, go on a “internet sabbatical”. I also know that most people of my generation feels exactly the same. So what will happen? Maybe things will turn around, perhaps trends will change, perhaps people will return to doing things the old way, like actually sending real letters. Who knows what the future holds? Either way this re-branding could inspire a movement like this. This new brand inspires all the feelings of the retro era, and glories in the fact that it is such an old establishment. The little bird in the logo speaks of old world postage and creates a great little design element throughout the brand. He took the blue, red and white and gave it a lovely vintage tone and the shape for the logo is just right for the style.

Bravo Matt! The world would have been a little bit nicer with a brand like this in the world.

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  1. Matt Chase
    March 20, 2011

    Thanks so much!


  2. Design Studio
    April 15, 2011

    Wow, the man put in a lot of work for a hypothetical re-branding. The stuff looks great, there is no doubt that. I really like the retro feel.

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