Hydro74 Business Cards

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Hydro74 Business Cards

To celebrate another fantastic Friday were showing you some crazy awesome “business cards” by Joshua M. Smith AKA Hyrdo74. Joshua is an Illustrator / Type designer with a very graphical edge very much like tattoo design. Below is his take on his business cards, enjoy and Happy Friday everyone! “I always get really bored with ...

Corporate Identity Hönne

Corporate Identity For your Friday inspiration to get through the last few days of the year we found you this awesome corporate identity done back in 2007 by a Polish design studio that call themselves Redkroft. One just cant help but loving these vibrant colors and round shapes, I think Redkroft must have had a ...

Corporate Identity Design – Silver Lining

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Corporate Identity Design – Silver Lining Silver Lining Opticians, based in New York City, specialise in rare and vintage eyewear. This new corporate identity, designed by Attack, reminds of an era with prolific style and beauty. A strong emotional connection that beautifully mirrors the ideals of this brand. Designed by Attack