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Ecopod Identity

Ecopod is a unique boutique retreat situated on the west coast of Scotland. I’m not sure if this is really my idea of  “retreat” but I’m sure there are loads of people out there that would love this concept, especially the greenies out there. Although I must say the scenery really looks breathtaking! This identity was created by Designers Anonymous. Below are their comments and reasoning behind their actions.

Ecopod Logo

“The brand identity focused on the high quality of the experience, avoiding the clichés that go hand-in-hand with all things ‘eco’.”

Ecopod Retreat

“To satisfy the strict planing regulations the domes needed camouflage. Our solution a triangular camouflage based on the iconic British Army DPM-95 pattern.”

Ecopod Pattern

“The negative space within the ‘e’ becomes a graphic of the ‘ecopod’ structure. The typeface Avant Garde echoed the dome shape.”

Ecopod Logo's

“We decided against specifying a brand colour, instead we created a seasonal palette of natural colours.”

Ecopod Relax Logo

“The ‘e’ mark was designed to be used within words or short phrases that express brand values, these words can be layered over photography.”

Ecopod Business Cards

“All stationery featured macro photography of natural textures found in the area local to the Ecopod retreat.”

Ecopod LetterheadEcopod Letterhead Folded

“The logo is positioned over the first fold of the letterhead, so when folded the pod within the logo sits on the base.”

Ecopod Postcards

“We created a series of ‘reusable’ postcards featuring photographs of the Ecopod retreat and local area, with branded words overlaid. The pack was also used as a promotional piece for a ‘soft launch’ at the ITB travel, trade show held in Berlin.”

Ecopod PostcardsEcopod VanEcopod T-shirtsEcopod BlanketEcopod UmbrellaEcopod UmbrellaOverall this brand really has achieved it’s goal of feeling like an up market eco friendly retreat, everything works really well from the tactile textures used on the cards and letterheads to this great umbrella. The whole brand focuses on the actual environment that you will find yourself in, ie you can see everything around you even  transparent umbrella.

I also love the concept of using the logo as a letter throughout the brand and how they have done it. I do however agree with some other people that at first I didn’t see the ‘e’ in the logo, but once I saw it I couldn’t miss it. I think with small tweaks the “e” might feel a bit more balanced, but I don’t think it really is such a major issue as some have made it out to be. In the end it’s a really great brand and really does communicate exactly what it needs too. My favorite detail is the letterhead fold that cuts the ‘e’ in half, I think that is such a small but stunning detail that shows real thought and skill.

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