Corporate Identity: The Story Unfolds

Corporate Identity: The Story Unfolds

Corporate Identity for The Story Unfolds

Today we have a very nice project by Malaysian designer Leong Huang Zi or otherwise know as The Launch Room. Leong is famous for his clean, minimal and modern style and he really showed off his colors in this project.

“The Story Unfolds (TSU) is a retail concept that allows creatives and designers alike to publish their own books and sell them right at the store. With a wide selection of both self-published titles as well as books by established authors, TSU gives a sense of prestige to independent authors in how they sell and distribute their creative books. All self-published titles will be given the same treatment as their established counterparts in how they are displayed, packaged, marketed and sold at the store.

The concept of an unfolding origami is used as an analogy to tell the story behind the concept. All of us have a story to tell. It could be a story about our drawings or a story about our photos, or an actual story for a novel. TSU helps unfold them.”
The Story Unfolds LogoThe Story Unfolds IllustrationsThe Story Unfolds Illustrations

Not only do I love the design solution for this project but the whole concept of this new venture is really fantastic and it’s projects like these that designer’s aspire to.  I think Leong really nailed the style because it really does speak to designers. The big bold text emphasizes the idea of storytelling and the symbol of origami and combining that with a story unfolding is wonderful imagery – it combines old and new in a stunning way – giving storytelling a fresh new image.

The Story Unfolds BannerThe Story Unfolds StationeryThe name has provided for great visual and tactile solutions for stationery and you see him playing with actual folds here.

The Story Unfolds Stationery DetailThe Story Unfolds PosterThe Story Unfolds PosterThe Story Unfolds PosterThe Story Unfolds WebsiteThe Story Unfolds Website DetailThe Story Unfolds Website Detail

The Retail store was also done by Leong and it really is stunning, once again you see him playing with the idea of folds with pretty much every surface in the store. The Story Unfolds StoreThe Story Unfolds StoreThe Story Unfolds StoreThe Story Unfolds Store

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